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Lesson 28 - The stalemate and draw
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The StaleMate Song

If we’ve reached a situation

That every move that we choose

Is not okay, its just not allowed

To put the king in danger, is forbidden

There are things in chess, that you just cant do

And so in that moment, we’ll decide it’s, a Stalemate

A special ending that means its a tie

Without winners or losers, we’ll shake hands

And move on to the next game all the more excited


Worksheets and Art

ChessMatec App Puzzles


The Dark Maze in the Space Adventure World - Space Adventure is built like a quiz. in order to continue to the next challenge you have to pass the previous challenge.



StaleMate and Draw

A StaleMate is a situation where the King isn't threatened but the player doesn't have any legal moves left to make.

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